Confessions Of A Mummy

Follow my story as i journey into the exciting new world of parenthood following the birth of our gorgeous little boy, jack.

amorue asked: Your hair is beaut, I adore it and I definitely think the new colour will look stunning! A change is good :-) xx

Awww, thanks cutie :) Definitely ready for a change xx

superkatnip asked: Thats so sweet of you!! I used to dye my hair when I was in high school, then in year 12 I dyed it back to my natural brown and it's been wonderful ever since, no maintenance! I'd give you tips on how my hair is so long and nice, but the truth is I don't do anything with it. I just leave it be. Brush it ever day, wash it every two, trim every 6 months cause I'm lazy. And the only thing I do different is I drink a crazy amount of Aloe Vera drink, thats apparently meant to be good for your hair.

Ah, I drink aloe vera juice drink too. Been drinking it for years, I love the stuff :) Thanks lovely lady, when I do my hair back to it’s natural colour & feel tempted to dye it back lighter I’ll just look at your gorj hair & how my hair used to be haha. Woohoo!


Ha, thank you. I love it too but I’m longing for my natural, long hair back now too x

This kid is just too cute!

superkatnip asked: I look forward to seeing your new colour! I think you'll look stunning! :)

Thanks gorgeous girly. You where kinda my inspiration too as you just know how much I love your hair :) x

So, I’ve been debating for a while now about dying my hair back to it’s natural colour of dark blonde which is big news seems as I’ve had light ash blonde hair now on & off for ten years. The style I’m aiming for is like the image above.

My main reason behind it is because since dying my hair so light it have become limp, lifeless & straw like & snaps when I brush my hair. When my hair was natural it was A-MAZ-ING. Lovely & long, thick & wavy.

I feel now is a better time than ever to do this because, even though I do love the colour of my hair now I can honestly say I HATE putting my hair extensions in & now I have a child I feel i should tone down the blonde hair a tad… I mean, imagine rocking up at the school gates with my hair haha. (Although it would be a different story if my hair is natural but really, how many people have extra thick super light ash blonde hair eh?! Haha) Also, when I see other ladies with light blonde hair who are quite obviously are wearing hair extensions & have kids, it just doesn’t look right (even more so when they haven’t got a clue how to style / blend their extensions with their own hair or even worse you can actually see the extension clips 😱).

To be honest, it doesn’t actually take me long to put my hair extensions in as I’ve been wearing them for so long but I can’t wait to just be able to brush my hair in the morning & be done just like that. I have my son to look after, I haven’t got time to keep faffing around for so long in the morning, I have my son now so it isn’t all about me anymore.

Anyway, as of 27th Aug I’m waving goodbye to the light blonde locks & saying hello to the new natural me. I cannot wait, BRING IT ON.

Time to give my hair a break & actually give it a chance to breathe & grow naturally.

I’ve also booked me & my Mum in for a course of diamond microdermabrasion as a treat next Monday so I’ll post up some before & after photos. Very much looking forward to this too as I’ve been wanting to get this done for a while as it banishes any dead skins cells from your face, clears your pores, removes fine lines (which I seem to have a few around my eyes since having Jack), helps with dark circles, & the list goes on so watch this space!!

Picnic by the lake today

Such a little cutie pie, always mates me smile.

I just want to say a massive congratulations to allaboutthomasgeorge on her wedding day today. You looked absolutely stunning gorgeous girly & Thomas looked such a cutie (as always).

Text you in a few days. Lots of love from Jack & I 😘 x

Cuddles with this little fella before he goes to bed is what’s getting me through being ill. Hate not being able to look after him myself.