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Follow my story as i journey into the exciting new world of parenthood following the birth of our gorgeous little boy, jack.


Getting anon hate is a blessing because to know that I pissed a person off so much but they are still afraid of me so they hit that anon button is a confident booster.


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OOTD - Don’t you love it when you’re tidying your home & you find a brand new pair of heels you forgot you bought, win!

unfern asked: Oh my gosh! Your pictures of you pregnant are on the stylish Eve Facebook group under stylish pregnant women xx

Ha, I know right! How crazy is that?! My friend told me to check out their Facebook page & I just couldn’t believe it. Well & truely put a smile on my face 😝

My baby boys first full day at nursery today, missing him loads already & cannot wait to pick him up later. I know he’s going to have an amazing time going off his indication days & will do him the world of good interacting more with other babies…. Although I still can’t wait for cuddles later 😊

Anonymous asked: Ur replies to your anon hate messages are hilarious! You go girl, you tell them!

Ha, we aim to please! X

twiggyyay asked: Ffff anyone who says whatever mean crap about you, you're so gorgeous and pretty and generally stunning and wow I went a bit far there but seriously, don't let anyone get to you. Xx

Awww thanks hun. There really are some nasty people in this world who quite obviously get off on trying to belittle others. Obviously they’ve got nothing better to do in their sad existence but meh whatever. Thanks though for your support hun, restores my faith of staying on here & continuing my blog. Hope you and Laura are doing good, she is truly a little beauty x

Anonymous asked: I cannot believe someone has the nerve to put you down on your blog. I have followed your blog for a while now but I'd like to stay anonymous. You are such an inspiration, bringing up your Son whilst your boyfriend was in a war zone, not many people come do that!. You are such an amazing human being, not to mention and amazing Mother, who is unbelievably stunning. Ignore those type of messages, they are obviously quite jealous of you. Wishing you and your family all the happiness in the world,

Awww thank you, this is such a lovely message. I really don’t get what goes through people’s minds to send anon hate when my blog is supposed to be a happy place where I can blog about my gorgeous baby boy, some people are just down right horrible & are quite obviously not happy with their own miserable lives. Wishing you all the happiness too & thanks again :) x

Jack absolutely loving his sweet potato mash & fish fingers. I thought I put quite a lot out but he pretty much ate the whole lot including a banana, mango & pineapple pudding - I think someone is going through another growth spurt.

superkatnip asked: Um yes Miranda Kerr!! Trust me in this, you're a yummy mummy who's a a hottie with a body. You much not think so, but everyone else does. I bet your little man will make so many friends! I'd be setting up play dates with you if I was a mummy! He's just so cute and you can just tell he'll be an amazing people person. What do you have planned for his birthday?

Ha, quite obviously not everyone… Check out the anon message below! You do know how to cheer a person up m’dear, thank you! Shout out to THE BEST tumblr follower EVER 😝

& ah man, that would be great! Why do we live soooo far away from each other?! Haha.

We’re going to have a pirate themed birthday party as his bedroom now has a pirate theme & he is obsessed with Disneys Jake The Pirate… But then again he likes anything & everything at this age ha. xx